Old and New Creation

The world we live in is a tremendous place. We find people interact within, building a society where people have relationship one to another. At some point, we have found people fail to do such things. Failing to build relationship to one another and make them withdraw from the society or try to find another […]

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Have Fun Teaching

Have we experience with kids who do not listen to what we say? What do we do to them? What do we possibly react when the situation did not change at all? There are something we could learn from the Bible on the book of Isaiah, means God saves. If we look up Isaiah 5:1-7, […]

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Spiritual Dyslexia

My article does not specifically explain about dyslexia or its symptom. It is just a supporting variabel of spirituality issue i have found and need to talk about it. As we know, dyslexia is a condition that makes it hard to read and learn. It happens when there is a problem with the way the […]

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Satisfactory Pleasure

What is the most pleasure in the world? What do we want the most? Have we had them all? What do we plan to achieve all of them? There are all wandering at some time in our mind. Imagining the time as if we had lots of money to buy new houses and cars, traveled […]

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How do we handle self-blame?

Who never had a mistake? Have we faced a situation of difficulty/suffering that we realized it happened because of our mistakes? How did we handle it? At some points, we stuck to figure out what is happening to our emotional condition, we failed to observe what we have been dealing with. Sometimes being angry, stressful […]

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Am i well?

This question has variety answer. The answer of it respons to what our heart feels and mind observes. What we feel and think determine to its answer. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why we have different response of “Am i well?” question. Sometimes, we might spontaneously say “good, fine, great” to the people who […]

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